600 days!

Today marks day number 600 on my journey! The last 100 days have not yielded hefty weight loss results (at 500 days, I was down 173 lbs.) but I have reached 215 lbs. and 186 lbs. down! So I have lost 13 lbs. in the last 100 days but really in the end, it’s all about progress, positive attitude, determination, and claiming the victories for what they are.

The fact that I am writing this entry celebrating 600 days on the journey is a victory in and of itself. God’s grace has rained down on me through this journey, giving me the strength and wisdom I’ve needed to see the success that I have been able to achieve, to God’s glory.

I mentioned in a recent post that I will make it to my weight loss goal by day number 700, which is on December 7th. That’s 16 lbs. in 100 days. That is my goal. I would love to do it before then, perhaps by Thanksgiving! All I know is that I am going to put the work in to try to make it happen.

Either way, my story is already written; I am just living out the story God has written for me. I don’t know when the ending comes (to this phase of the journey, anyway), but I know the ending is a happy one!

God takes joy in writing stories with a happy ending. Does your story have a happy ending? If you’re not sure, know that it can…

Back to 216…

I have officially made it back to 216 lbs. as of today! It took 11 days to take the 10 lbs. I gained up in the mountains back off, but they’re gone now and I can move on to what I’d like to call the milestone pounds! Each pound lost from this point out is significant…here’s why:

215 – It’s 215! A nice round number!
214 – Under 215!
213 – This is the weight I reached when I lost over 100 lbs. back in 2004/2005 and is the lowest weight I have been since middle school.
212 – This will become the lowest weight I have been since middle school.
211 – 190 lbs. down!
210 – It’s 210! Another nice round number!
209 – Under 210 lbs., 10 lbs. to go to reach the goal!
208 – under 10 lbs. to go!
207 – 5 lbs. smaller than I’ve been since middle school!
206 – 195 lbs. down!
205 – Another round number!
204 – 5 lbs. to go!
203 – less than 5 lbs. to go!
202 – 1 lb. away from 200 lbs. down!
201 – 200 lbs. down!
200 – Yes!

This is not to say that the 185 lbs. I have already lost are not significant, because as I have said many times before, each pound lost is a victory…there are not a whole lot of things we can do in life where losing actually means we’re winning, but this journey has been just that. The more I lose, the more I win.

I won’t reach this goal by my birthday on September 28th and probably won’t hit it by the end of October either, but that’s ok. It WILL happen and at this point, the “when” is secondary because the celebrations can, should, and do happen along the way…Friday, 8/29 happens to be day number 600 on the journey. By day 700, which happens to fall on my mom’s 60th birthday on December 7th, this goal will be reached and the next phase will be underway.

Be encouraged…live out the story that has been written for you because it is one with a happy ending!

These weekends are killin’ me!

So it’s been 2 weeks since I posted last…thought I should probably post an update on how things are going. Well, last week, I officially hit 216 lbs., to reach 185 lbs. down! Since then, however, the journey has been interesting. It was a week ago, for last Friday’s weigh-in, that I saw the 216 lbs.

I was out in the field for my job last Friday and bought the staff at one of my stores pizza and sides for lunch and then the family was heading up to the mountains for the weekend to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We ate at our normal spot on our way up to the mountains and I had chicken fried steak (something I had actually been craving for quite some time). Then the weekend saw my father-in-law bring back cookies and cupcakes from a local bakery. We had hot dogs and cheeseburgers for lunch, birthday cake for my wife, then went out to dinner that night. I had chicken parm, one of my favorite dishes. After dinner, we went for ice cream at our favorite spot, where I had three scoops…one scoop butter pecan, one maple walnut, one peanut butter ripple. I probably also had some more birthday cake and definitely had some roasted marshmallows fresh off the campfire that night too. We had a big breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, etc. then chili for lunch. I don’t remember what I had for dinner that night but I do know Monday didn’t end up so well because dinner was big and I snacked until later than I usually allow myself.

So here is the question…how bad do you think the weigh-in was on Tuesday morning? Oh, my friends, it was bad…226 lbs.! 4 days, 10 lbs.! I even took my walk on Friday, Saturday, and Monday (missed Sunday). Here is the good news…5 of those lbs. are already gone and I know if I keep going, the other 5 will come off soon as well. I do see some more obstacles in my way the rest of this month, the biggest of which being my fantasy football draft on August 30th. I definitely need to be careful and stay focused the rest of this month. I am still shooting for 212, but I know that is 9 lbs. from where I am now in only 2 1/2 weeks. I hope I am up to the challenge and can focus on making the right decisions and realizing how worth it is to keep going and not get in my own way. If I can get back to 218 for Sunday’s weigh-in, I’d actually be even for those two weeks and the month of August and I can go from there…

I probably haven’t said it enough, but if you pray, please continue to pray for me on this journey. It’s been challenging the whole day, but as the goal for this phase is approaching, it is becoming harder and harder and I need continued strength and grace so that God can get the glory for finishing what He started, and I have all the faith in the world that He will make it happen as long as I am committed to it.


July Results

I came in at 218 lbs. this morning, meeting my goal of getting under my previous low of 219 lbs. before the end of the month. July was a modest loss of 4 lbs., but still a help in the journey for sure. This leaves me trying to reach 212 lbs. by the end of August. If I was to reach that number, it would be a month of milestones despite losing only 6 lbs. for the month.

Milestone #1 would be reaching 216 lbs., which would be 185 lbs. down. Reaching 215 lbs. would then be the next weight milestone. Getting down to 213 lbs. would mean that I got back to the weight I was when I lost weight about 10 years ago. 212 lbs. would be the lowest weight I’ve come in at since middle school. 211 lbs. would mean reaching 190 lbs. down, 210 lbs. would be the next weight milestone, and then 209 lbs. would mean there are only 10 lbs. left to lose and the countdown begins!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…every pound lost is a reason to celebrate because it is a step forward in the journey. Maybe the journey is going slower than you want or expected, but as long as there are steps forward, enjoy the journey, no matter how far along you happen to be!


I am so weak…

“I am so weak that God has given me everything; all the tools, instructions for their use, even a good brain to use them with…God is feeding me and what I’m praying for is an appetite.” – Flannery O’Connor

On my twitter profile @the2nd100lbs, my little blurb has said for quite some time, “Eat the right things, take care of your heart, press towards the goal”. I want to have an appetite for the good things; the things I need as opposed to the things that would/will destroy me.

I am still pressing towards my goal…I am even for the month (222) but hope to get back to my low of 219, which I saw on July 3. More importantly than that number though, is that I would love to get down to 212 by the end of August, which would be about 10 lbs. in the next 40 days. I will go into why 212 is a significant number in my journey coming up in a later post.

In the meantime, I hope we all can know that we are weak, but we have someone feeding us trying to give us strength…but that we need the appetite to consume those things that are good for us because if we have the appetite for the right things, we no longer crave the things that are bad for us and would ultimately destroy us.

Not done yet, but oh, how far we’ve come

I am very much looking forward to heading to the beach with the family for a few days! Now granted, I have never been a huge fan of the beach (perhaps partially rooted in my weight issues) because of the sand and the fact that I get sunburned so easily, but our 5 year old loves playing in sand and loves the water and our 6 month old has never been to a beach, so it will be a milestone few days for him! Just spending time with my wife and boys will be wonderful!

I started this blog back in August/September 2013 as I began work on losing the second hundred pounds in my weight loss journey. Since then, because of God’s grace and so many wonderful people reading about my story and my thoughts as it plays out, my blog has been followed by over 100 people and has been viewed almost 2,000 times by people in 16 different countries! When I started this blog, I never would have thought the reach that my words could have…I am humbled.

This Tuesday, I hope you all check out my story in the Morning Call, one of the local papers here in the Lehigh Valley…my story will be highlighted as their latest “workout winner” as I reached the milestone of losing 180 lbs. (so far!). If you’re not local, it should be posted online at mcall.com. I will try to post a link if I can, but I will still be out of town on Tuesday, so it might not be posted right away. Either way, enjoy! Please let me know if you are sharing it with friends! I hope that my story can inspire you and/or others to live a healthy live and help others see that with effort, an attitude of perseverance, and a faith that won’t quit, we can achieve things we once never thought possible.

It is pretty amazing how the body works. I was frustrated for most of the month of June because through the first three weeks, I was up a pound for the month…then I stepped up my game and worked hard…it yielded a stretch of 11 days where I lost 7 lbs.! I have reached 219 lbs., 182 lbs. down, leaving me with exactly 20 lbs. left to lose before reaching my goal of weighing 199 lbs.

I fully expect that I will meet that goal within the next 3 months and am looking forward to what great ways I can share my story and help be a positive influence in people’s lives… #nostopping